History of Earth

-- A Visual Representation --

History of Earth -- A Visual Representation -- aims to provide free, high quality, accurate and non-biased sources of historical information, displaced in a easy to understand and visual manner, allowing for easy navigation between topics and events in different geographic areas and time periods.

Our Mission

The goal of History of Earth -- A Visual Representation -- is to create an accurate and reliable map that displays information about the world and events occuring from Antiquity to the Modern era as much as possible. Each marker and event listed on the website will have a describtion and information page that will further link the reader to more sources on the topic at hand. By making this website free and accessible to anyone allows all people access to the information and services provided.

This website has been created for educational and informative purposes. It is designed to show the most accurate known political borders and human developments across the world at given dates in time. If you have suggested corrections about incorrect information displayed on the website, contact Examplesupportemail@gmail.com and we will work towards increasing the reliability and accuracy of the source material contained on this webiste. For links to our sources go to Sources